Melt Recipes helps you find the next best cookbook/recipe, create your own, and get back to creating your next masterpiece.
Organise your content
Easily create, edit, share, import, delete, and AI-generate your cookbooks, sections, recipes, and shopping lists with ease.
Save your favourites
Discover a large and diverse range of recipes and save your favourites, so you can come back to them later!
Imagine with AI
Our intelligent AI can help you to generate new recipes, and preview what your recipes will look like before you publish them.
Smart Importing
Found a recipe from another site you want to save? No problem! You can import recipes from other sites into your cookbooks.
Socially connect with others
Create your own deeply beautiful and customised profile, share what you want to share, and connect with others.
Enhanced shopping lists
List down, or create shopping lists straight from the recipes you engage with, then compare prices between stores (experimental).
You still own your recipes
You control the data that you share publicly on Melt Recipes, so that you can keep those secret recipes to yourselves.
Core features are free
All of the core features of Melt Recipes are free, and will always be free. We will never charge you for using Melt Recipes.

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