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Support us, and supercharge your experience on Melt Recipes, with 1,000 recipes, an exclusive premium badge, enhanced profile customisation and enhanced AI generation tools.

Ultimate Edition includes:

More Recipes
Create up to 1,000 recipes from the previous 25 limit and keep them forever.
More Shopping Lists
Create up to 500 active shopping lists (up to 1,500 archived) from the previous 10 limit.
Multiple Cookbooks
Create customised cookbooks with up to 10 cookbooks from the single limit.
Multiple Meal Planners
Create multiple meal planners with up to 5 planners from the single limit.
Multiple Public Communities
Create meaningful connections with up to 15 public communities from the single limit.
Enhanced AI
Generate images based off your prompts, when you use Imagine with AI!
Profile Theming
Change your profile primary and accent colour, to make your profile yours.
Subscriber Badge
Rep your loyalty with an exclusive profile badge for being an awesome subscriber!
Support Us
Your subscription means that we can stay free, and supports development and upkeep.
Coming To Melt Ultimate Edition
Website Builder
We're creating a revolutionary website builder for creators to create beautiful, feature-rich, and customisable, recipe blogs.
Tailored Meal Plans
We'll create suggested meal planners that are tailored to your usage, that you can simply import and change to your liking.
No Advertising
Keep your recipe viewing ad-free. We will never sell your information without your consent, subscribed or not.

Melt Enterprise Edition

Are you a business that has specific requirement and needs a greater level of management? We're here to help whether you're an educational institution, restaurant, or private chef.
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Enterprise Edition includes:

Service Level Agreement
We'll guarantee a 99.9% uptime for your Melt instance. We'll also provide a dedicated support line for any issues you may have.
User Management
We'll provide a dedicated user management system for your Melt instance. Integrate with your existing directory service.
Education Mode
Lock user controls, and provide students with the tools that they need. Focus on a specific recipe, or provide them with a set of recipes.