Privacy Policy

1. Welcome

  • We collect the least amount of data to conduct the service with quality of life features.

  • We do not sell your data, nor give it out to any third parties.

2. Request Data

  • You can request your data after verifying your email in the account page.

  • It may take up to 30 days to retrieve your data and you can request your data every 7 days.

3. Data Handling

  • We may collect the following data; (username, display name, email address, password (hashed/salted), IP addresses and such properties, user agent, user generated content (cookbooks, recipes, sections), security logs.

  • You can inquire about our privacy policy, terms of service or contact us for any legal matters by sending an email to legal@melt.recipes if you please. You can also send us an email if you've having issues retrieving your data.

4. Cookies

  • We may receive information from cookies (small text files placed on your computer or device) and similar technologies.

  • We require necessary cookies to handle authentication within systems of the platform.

5. Third Parties

  • We will not provide your information with third-parties without your consent. We may collect your user identifiers, emails and display names through third-party connection providers when logging into Melt Recipes.

  • This must be initialised by you on the connections section in the account page or by logging in/registering.

6. Website Tracking

  • We do not, and will not share any tracking information with third parties, unless you have given us your explicit consent or the content owner has done so themselves potentially through the form of a data collection request.